Exam On The Way, Presentation Next Week

As what the title is "exam on the way, presentation next week", i'm really pressured about it. In addition, after this raya holiday, there are so many events that i must attends whether at Faculty or at university. But that is what we called creation of a scheduled man...haha may be...insyallah. 

My conclusion is busier we are, our plan become better.

Because of what?

Not Because of You like a song from Kelly Clarkson...

But because as a human being you are in learning process in wherever you are, at anytime, at any minute, at any second but the different is what degree is your learning process.

Your learning process is different from one to another job you do. As an example, if you sleeping you still learning, you learn how to sleep well compared it with learning process at your class, the degree of absorbing the learning process is different, you absorb more at class compared to when you're sleeping


When you learn a new things, your learning process span is bigger compared to the things that you already knew about but you want  learn it just for in deeper. That is whay the degree of our learning process is different. 

In my case, if i'm learn how to manage my busy time so then i will become better when i work later. It will give us an advatage to others who just go class, back from class and do nothing. The main thing is although you are busy but don't ever forget your creator Allah S.W.T., your parents who take care of you, your siblings who knows you compared to anybody else including your girlfriend (or boyfriend), your friends who is your siblings when you are far from your family.

 There are persons around you who need your care, don't ever risk your relationship with person around you


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