Jadual Aku, Jadual Kau Jugak...haha yer ke

Below are my  schedule for next week, i hope all the assignment can be finished on the date line, or i will be dead, yer ah abeh ar aku nyer carry mark.

Kuiz FAR, Jamuan Berbuka Puasa MPP, Sekretariat & Persatuan

Due Date IBM (2.00petang)
Program Jom Nikah (5.30petang) 
Jamuan berbuka atlet SAF 2009 (6.30petang), 
Mesyuarat Pemurnian Perlembagaan MPP -MT MPP (10malam)

Mesyuarat Pemurnian Perlembagaan MPP -Semua (10malam)

Balik Ipoh.....hehe balikkk kampong

This week may be takkan sebok sangat compared to past week because i will back to my hometown this Thursday and may have a day or may be two with my family for fasting.


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