Practical Training...

I don't know what to say, the time is very fast to flew like wind. A year ago I am in part 3 now part 5 and next year at the same month on the same day I will be in part 7.....practical training means that I will not be in UiTM.

My goal is one, to be the first person who do practical outside and will be followed by my juniors. As the first step, just now I see Timbalan Dekan Jaringan Industri, Dr Rozainun about my goal...huhu insyallah. Doakanlah untuk aku.

What she said is that I must download a application form from UILC Website, and it is an advantage because I born at UK, so there will be less problem in working permit because I already have the Birth Certificate from there.

So my job now is to find a company that willing to give me a place for practical there. My target firm as below:

- Big 4 (because it around the world)
- Malaysian Company operating in UK
- Embassy
- Petronas
- dll

Whatever what important is I must keep my pointer above 3.00 and hope my mum to always give me support and Doa, because a Doa from a mum is doa yang berkat.

Other than that, I also thinking about my part dinner on 2011, dinner part 8. I thinking about that because I want it a dinner that not just a dinner but a dinner that give something memoriable to the students, not only my part but all the parts. Not only during that time but for a long time not to be proud but so that people will know what does it mean by accounting student.

Ok that all for now, until we meet again in the post and please Doa for me to get a practical place outside Malaysia so that when I back to Malaysia I will have something to share with all.....


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