Analysis About My Blog

About My Posts

Although this blog only just opened three months ago but until now11.43am, 25 November 2009 it has posted about 145 post which in average 1.61 posts per day...rounded to 2 posts per day.

For the time being the most posts posted in November 2009 while lessest one on last October.

November has the most posts probably because the writer had a mid term break, while October has least posts because that is an examination month for the writer.

About My Visitors

For the time being it is near 4700 visits I have received. It is quite a number because my registered friends only 5 persons incomparable with the visits I have received. It is quite impossible if this 5 persons do 4700/5, 
each has surfed my blog 940 times since its first day....just one conclusion we can do here. Almost of my blog readers probably are those not registered yet.

My Favourite Topic

By looking at the topics of the posts that I have posted, you can see that about me topic covered about 71 out of 145, half of the posts in my blog labels as About Me. In my opinion I posted almost posts with About Me Label because I want to share my life with ignorance whether it is a big event like an elephant or small event like tiny turtle.

 About me covered many things such as about my life, love and romance experience, academic, family and many more that related to me I will labeled it as About Me.

Thats all with best regards to my blog readers,

Salam Analysis

Mohd Ashraf Bin Mohd Zabidi 
Analyzer of What Does It Mean By Human Being Blog


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