Family Visit From Ipoh While Remember Of "Cahaya Kelembutan"...

Dewan Raja Muda Musa

This morning wake up early abut 5.30 am to cover a little more chapter in TAX490 for my paper at 9am in DRMM.

Alhamdulillah during the exam, I just answer the question and almost the questions I cover during my study time during early morning study. Thanks God.

Kolej Melati UiTM

After the exam, I went to Kolej Melati to meet my family, they come here to send my little sister, Baby to continue her study in 2nd Semester Science Foundation in the faculty of applied science uitm. She just got her result yesterday and the result....she repeat my result...CGPA4.00 (My result during matrix).

Intekma Resort

After that we go to check in at Intekma Resort....for me better chose other place next time because this place is quite horror..haha. Then we went for lunch, and just one thing that playing in my mind is whether my "cahaya kelembutan" is ok or not this morning and what she go through this day, maybe happy with her BF (I don't know she have or not because she never tell me although a few times I ask her but what I know that I really like her), if she is happy I want to say thanks Allah because make somebody that important in my life feel happy and please give her a good day.

In my heart and my mind keep asking when can I see her again...huhu.But only one thing....that I never feel before, if before I like women because of their beauty, but now I like her because her "kelembutan".

I also asked my mother about her visit and Iqa (my sister) to Bandung Indonesia, my mum just said that Bandung just good for shopping there is nothing there for a visit...for info my mother does not like shopping shopping...haha.  

After take a lunch, family and I go for round2 at Plaza always Abah take a long time when we went through a bookstore there....I also bought a book named "Etiket Dalam Program"...what a skema book I chose but that is the book that we will apply during programs.

When I go through a few florist shop I just remember of her and only one plan I can do, send her a rose for forgiveness and two teddy bear for a symbol of how close I want to be with her. The rose means that only her important for me and I buy one because if I buy many that means she is one of my girls...haha.Maybe I will send this next 1st December.Maybe I am quite a stubborn person who never give up but that is what I have to do for one of the important person in my life.

Plaza Masalam

After round2 at Plaza Masalam, this night I thinking of bring my two little sisters for a cinema....Papadom maybe but when I go there to buy the ticket, the movie no more viewed..haha what a slow person la me..haha.

Jaya Jusco Bukit Raja 

Ok that all lar, this night I will go for round3 with my family to Jaya Jusco Bukit Raja plak...insyallah.

Abah once again convince us to go to bookstore when we went to JJ Bukit Raja that night

MPH....Abah's Favorite Bookstore...

At Jaya Jusco Bukit Raja...

Dear "cahaya kelembutan", I will always do the doa to Allah to make the fate and fortune become us, be happy dear, let the happiness be yours and don't let sadness to acquire U...


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