Sometimes when we are thinking in a way that we thinks others also think the same way, we will make a mistake coz human opinion, view, and thinking style differ from one to another.

For me, what I post to this blog just for a sharing of knowledge experience and someday when U become somebody, when U open this blog again it will make U memorize your past. We don't know maybe persons in this blog will become somebody, so this blog is the evidence.

In the Case of Raja Petra (2008), we can see that a blog play its role very much nowadays. It will be an evidence of something that U will use later on. For me, this blog other than to share life experience, me also doesn't want others to make mistakes as what I do. I want to share sonething that related to our real life, all about teen times, strategy, love, study, and sometimes teach you what should you contribute as a blog writer.

Raja Petra & Karpal Singh, blog used as an evidence

While in the Case of Che Det Blog , which is Tun M's blog it also show how important blog is in giving advice to the government although he is no more PM of Malaysia.

In my case, I want to share my life experience, which is goods I hope my readers can follow while which not I hope others will take it as a lesson. There are two sources that a people can get information, from own experience and others experience. Own experience is something that you face it by yourself, while others experience you can get it from others as an example books and socialize with others. 

But but and thing to remember, when u write something which related to other persons, asked that person first coz it really related to someone dignity and privacy. One more thing, whats ever it is if you think you are in the right way just ignore what others say coz sometimes people must act stubborn and sometimes follow what others say.

Thank you.

What Does It Mean By Human Being Writer


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