Last night, I watched a Malay drama at TV3 which the title is "Taubat Nasuha" and there is one thing that I learned from this Movie is a phrase which sound like this "Kita Menghargainya Bila Kita Kehilangannya".

Synopsis of this Drama is like this, in this story there is a married man who so mean to his wife and he has a hot temper especially to his wife and children. In the office, he has an affair with his boss, his boss convince him to leave his wife but he didn't do it but what he did is ignore his family and focus to his boss.

One day, a group of robbers come to his house where there are only his wife and his children. His wife try to call him by telephone but this man very busy with his affairs with his boss so he once again ignored them, his wife try to tell him that if he not come back, the robber will killed them coz they want moneys...and when that man back to his home after hours of affairs, he realized that his family had been killed by the robbers....at that time he really regret with what he do. His father-in-law advised him to be patient coz this is qada and qadar from Allah S.W.T...and that man really really regret with what he did coz his irresponsibility make his family life at risk and killed.

At the end of the movie it show this word "Kita Menghargainya Bila Kita Kehilangannya". For me, this word has a deep meaning which it tell us to appreciate whatever we have today. Actually I have experienced this, a simple ignorance will make u  a regret. Last morning before back to Kampong, I went to top up centre to top up my CELCOM but during that time it faced a  line problem so I need to do it again when the line is ok. My Ignorance is when I know the top up is quite expensive (RM50 Coupon) but I still not keep it carefully so when I want to do again the top up process, after that I couldn't find the coupon means if lost ar like u lost RM50 cash....huhu. I'm very very sad...so nak xtak nak kene beli top up laen...huhu.

My Top Up RM50 dalam kenangan...huhu. Ignorance will cost you...


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