Night Without My Honey I Feeling Very Sick....

Everyone got his or her own inspiration, for me my inspiration is my honey, who knows almost all the news faster than me and tell me as soon as possible. This night after about a year, I will sleep Actually my inspiration is my handset which almost all the news through sms or calling, it will notice it first before it told me.
I don’t know what is the problem after I messaged Syidi, my boss, YDP MPP....the handset screen blackout...and I try to switch in and switch off but the screen come out with something weird in colour and only half of the screen shown. Huhu...what happened to u my dear....

After I try many times and it still didn’t work, I decided to go to the mobile centre at PAS to repair it, I think maybe the ribbon is the problem but the centre said that I need to repair my handset screen (called LCD)...and the cost is RM150...ermmmm whatever I hope U can recover well Sayang...

My friends always ask me when do you want to change ur handset but my answer is for the time being a handset priority for me just for message and calling, I said to them that I loved this handset very much and I cannot go separately without it....haha ngan handset pun romantic aper da...haha. Mum and Dad also asked the same questions and they are willing to support new handset but the same answer I give to them.

“Mama, Abah, Sayang ler enset ni taknak tukar, lawa lagi aper....”

I love this handset very much coz my happiness and my sadness I share with it, yerlah kalau mesej, dia akan masuk ke inbox kita, kalau masuk ke inbox maknenyer yang pertama terima adalah handset kita bukannya kita so in that way we share our feelings together....the same thing go for calling, if someone calling, the first receiver is our handset and our handset speaker tell us the news isn,t?

Whatever it is, I will take my handset tomorrow at the afternoon around 1pm...insyallah. Sayang I hope u recover well and for the time being just take ur rest and remember one thing I always care and love u...see u tomorrow

 A Lover Who In Patient 


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