Paper TAX490 UiTM Disediakan Oleh Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri (LHDN)

Like what I wrote above, tomorrow morning I will take an exam which will assist LHDN ini tax computation...haha. Of course, the paper is about tax, Advanced Tax, TAX490. When we say about tax many things that I not covered yet....I hope to cover it today through past year exam revision.

When we talk about LHDN, we talk about tax or CUKAI, when we talk about CUKAI, we talk about money going out, when we talk about money outflow, we talk about entah....aper ak merapu tah...haha sori ayat x abeh.Actually the title just an attraction thing jer...haha sorry.

Dewan Raja Muda Musa will see our last battle for this semester...

Whatever, I hope I will do well in my next paper which the last paper for me and my part this semester, I also hope that all friends of my part disregard whether normal or fast track will also do well in that paper. We hope Allah blessing us....amin.


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