Yesterday I sleep early at 11pm coz very tired of activities during the day. Plus with Celcom which faced line problem, I can stand of it and go to sleep after surfed internet and do a lot of amendment with my blog....blogs.

I also wake up quite early today at 4.16am, and look at the messages it is about 16 sms I received, 3 miss calls....huhu. I don't know what to say, some invite for to play football  tomorrow, some wants to keep their things in my room during semester, and other one about my blog.

The most important thing is about the blog, I reply back the message I thought I will replied tomorrow morning but I quite upset when at the spot I got the answer....hai tak tido ke.Or my love message make u cannot sleep...haha. What a devil and evil I am....

Tu jer la kot....tunggu post edisi petang lak...



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