So hard for me to understand...

When I message no reply,
When I call no answer,
When I invite u 4 a lunch,
Only once you accept it....

My intenttion only one,
Together we become a best friend,
So then I can always meet u,
Until this time I trying to accept you and adopt with people around u
But maybe I not worth it for you

Maybe I'm not rich as you are,
I'm not handsome as you expected,
I'm not smart as you are,
And not a gentle man as your best friend before.

Maybe you think I'm too perfect for you
Maybe you think you not as pretty as what I want,
Maybe you think your mind is not up with my mind,
Maybe you think I am so nice for you
Maybe you think that you not qualified to be my best friend

Your beauty is not my measurement

What I like is your way of thinking
I like your way of approach
I like your way of speech
You are really a good person for me,
Although sometime you are moody,
But it is a normal thing for a human being

 I hope Allah will make the destiny for us...
I will always do the doa for us..

The words above are for someone, who is the person? 
Let it be a secret between me and her. 
You must always know that I always thinking about you...
Maybe this is the last time we can meet each other....b4 ur practical
And maybe we will not meet again during my practical in UK next year...huhu
Whar ever I hope the best from you...Good Luck For Your Exam


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