As a human being we never escape from doing mistakes and sometimes I ask myself why this mistakes happened. For me, who always see things optimistically (hope so....), I see mistakes as a thing that will make u become matured.

What is the case if mistakes that we do, we do it repeatedly....after u swear u never make the mistakes, again  you do it again after a few times. From a view I saw it...the person is really really troublesome and never learned from his mistake but from other perspective I need to accept it as human being.

Actually I talk about myself, I think myself is really a troublesome, I promise not to do the mistake but after a few times I do it again. Its really a shameful thing....I really need to do "muhasabah diri ""or self revision or it will make the situation become really really worst.

I think my act right now mixed with feelings and I don't know where is my old rational thinking.....I lost a track becoz of someone.... I lost a track becoz of something.. and I lost a track becoz the track is really uncompatible for me. I hope persons around me understand me in the same time I must understand persons  around me. I hope I will recover my old rational fashion thinking as soon as possible....hope so.

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