2 December....

2 DECEMBER – Two countries are celebrating its independence day today. The countries are this year SEA Games Host Country, LAOS and the country which its capital at Dubai, UAE.

UAE Flag(1971)

Today, UAE celebrating its 38th Independence Day. Although they are still new but I think UAE really did well on developing this country towards prosperous economy and a good tourism country. Many Malaysia companies' already have an establishment there such as my father's company working with, Faber Mediserve. There are a number of Malaysians who work there especially as professionals in helping this country to develop. One factor that make this country is prosperous is their source of petroleum and that is why when u go there the price of the petroleum at 60cent per litre (which 3 times cheaper than Malaysia) and every time u fill petroleum in your car, make sure you fill it full or if you stack at the middle of the road, you can be fined by the police traffics there…FYI distance between petrol stations there quite far….tu pun bapak aku citer ar, ak x taw…haha.

LAOS Flag(1975)

When we look back at its history, Laos established by Pathet Leo (1975) which during that time known as Lao People's Democratic Republic. This country will become the host for this year SEA Games and it is the first time it hold it. A theme song that has been chosen is"Spirit of the Flame" which written and performed by Sam Intharaphithak. The opening ceremony will be holding on 9 December 2009. 21 Venues will hold 28 disciplines compared to 43 disciplines held in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand. This is because of the limited sports facilities in Vientiane. Whatever it is I hope this country will do the best in organizing this event.

Lastly I also hope that both countries will have a better development growth in all aspects and Malaysia will take these opportunities to wish the best in their Independence Day and I also hope that our relation with both of the countries will be better. For athletes who will play in the SEA Games, good luck and do the best. While for Malaysian Football Team, I hope you will come back to Malaysia with any medal except medallion...haha.

"Happy Independence Day To UAE & Laos"

Mohd Ashraf Bin Mohd Zabidi
Diplomat For What Does It Mean By Human Being Blog Site In UAE & Laos


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