I don't have much experience in organizing events but I just have a little experience which I think can help new project directors in organizing an event. 7 most important things i an event that I think including:

1. Program's Objectives
Objective defined by Wikipedia as the achievement of a final set of actions. If we relate an event with management of a company, we can see that this objective set up by the top management of the company while high council set it if it in organizing an event. It is important because from there it will guide you where you want to go.....

As an example your objective is to make connection with accounting student leaders around Malaysia so there will come a few ideas, maybe you want to do a conference, a sport game, or as simple as a blog to connect accountancy student leaders around Malaysia. Another example, your objective is to enhance motivation of your workers so maybe ideas of organizing a motivation talk event or family day will make your workers motivation increased.
2. Tentative
Man not plan to fail but they fail to plan, tentative is one kind of planning. From there you know how your program will be run up. Example of tentative as below:

8.00am   - Arrival of students
8.30am   - Arrival of VVIP & VIPs

9.00am   - Welcoming Speech from Project Director

9.15am   - Opening Speech from VVIP

10.00am - Program Lunching 

10.30am - End

I think by look at the tentative above you know what is the weakness theoretically before implementation of the event and how to add value to this event. As an example, maybe you want to put in a session of performance such as nasyid. Another example is instead of the event end at 10.30am, maybe you want to have a high tea for you VVIP and VIP.

If we related this tentative with a company's management we can see that it identical to production plan which produce by production department. 
3. Budget
Everything that we want to do need budget or fund. We can use it as a guideline to do an event, it also determine how big our event are. A small fund does not mean that u cannot do a big event. Small fund for a big event need us to find another source of fund such as entrance fees and sponsorship.

If we relate this to the company's management it related to the finance department which will determine financial of a company and about the approved fund for a project.

4. Committees list & Bureau's Job Description

Whatever event we do, we need people to run it. It is one of important thing to put people at the bureau which suitable for them because it will resulted in the program performance. Maybe you are good in publicity so it is better if you can do your job as publicity bureau but that does not mean you cannot try another bureau. For me I prefer at least every bureau have at least one specialist so whoever new to the bureau can learn from the specialized one. 

Bureau job description is very important because from there every one knows what they need to do and what is the scope of their work. By this way we hope that we can have a better performance for the event that we organize. As an example, program bureau job task is to do running order and make sure program running in smooth.

If we related this to a company's management it related to the Human Resource department which will make sure workers of a company is sufficient enough in term of quantity and quality.

5. Final List Checkup
We also must check whatever equipment that we will use in the event and finalize whatever thing that we want to settle it up such as VVIP/VIP invitations, technical equipments, catering, audience invitations, and many more things that u think important during the event. It is better to finalize thing not too early and not too late so then u can have time to do it and the probability of problem which come in suddenly will be reduced. Depend to the events, but for me better to finalize all the things one week before the program and the technical equipment need to be finalize 2 or 3 days before the event. 

This finalize thing related to the prevention control in a company. We try to prevent unfavorable things to be happen.By this way, the company know what is their weakness before an operation commenced.

6. Rehearsal
Practice make perfect, that is why rehearsal is one an important thing to do before an event. The best timing to do rehearsal is a day before program but it depends to how big the program are. Bigger program need rehearsal many times and a long time preparation. By this way, we can know what is the weaknesses of the event in practical, all the bureau also know what is their job before the actual event held.

In the company, we can see that this rehearsal thing related to what we called as test market, when we said market of coz it related to the marketing department. By this way, we know what is the weaknesses and feedback from our customer in an event our customer is the audience who attends our events.

7. Backup Plan
A good planning back up by another plan. There will come plan A and Plan B. As an example you want to do a conference in Hall A but suddenly that Hall not yet opened, so what you do want to do? Maybe you want to do it in another place or informed your audiences to have a patient and give u time to open it or what.Whatever it is better to have a back plan for unfavorable event like that.

Happy organizing event,

Mohd Ashraf Bin Mohd Zabidi
Events Manager  


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