At last my last blog for this year completed......hehe

Today Sunday, 13 Dec at 8.30am, I completed my 30th blog for this year which the last blog for this year. This last blog is a blog that will help interns and one who will do internship in the accounting field by teach us about accounting software such as MYoB, UBS, SAP, Quicken, EAAS, QuickBooks, and Accounting Softwares from Microsoft such as Microsoft Money and Microsoft Dynamics. In addition, here you also can go through the softwares providers website and you also can download trials softwares if you really want to learn about the softwares. Whatever it is the most important thing is.......hehe dah capai target tahun ni. After that focus to development process plak...maybe nak wujudkan blog management of AiNIS plak so it will be easy for me to update my blogs....30 bukan sket but how to make it simple tu manage it...itu yang penting.

"Happy Blogging"

Mohd Ashraf Bin Mohd Zabidi
Administrator For AiNIS Blogging System


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