Back To My Job....begin with LINCOM Camp

Yesterday, I went to My Gopeng Resort to join LINCOM Camp which held for new committees of ABACCS. Although it is not far from Ipoh but the journey really interesting coz we must use a narrow mountainous road to get there.

On the way to My Gopeng Resort

When I arrived there I see that all the participants have their Paintball Time...haha best gak but I wear a slack trousers so I cannot join them.....huhu. Whatever it is....really really best kalau bleh maen paintball 2...

During the program

Put my beg first....

Sampai-sampai tengok si Eriana injured dislocated ligamen...ermmm macam-macam...

During the paintball match....

Discussion among the organizer members....

Paintball Tournament Board...

Take our lunch here...with natural environment and makanan yang bleh tahan sedap...hehe

Paintball from far away...

During closing ceremony...
 Photograph Session

Team 1







ABACCS lame....huhu pas ni nak tangkap gambar MPP & SMF lama ar plak...

After the program....

Balik naek lori and adventurous

with the new committees

Macam-macam cara ada....haha

After have our lunch, I went to Chill's room to have Zohor prayer and then proceed to the closing ceremony. I just gave a simple speech and then the program proceed to the

I really enjoy lar the program although only attend the closing ceremony...huhu.

Best Regards and look forward to another program

Mohd Ashraf Mohd Zabidi
Writer For What Does It Mean By Human Being Blog


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