An email for Tan Chin Teck 

Just now I send an email to my friend from University Malaya, Mr Tan Chin Teck, Director of MASC or Malaysian Accounting Student Convention. Last night I had a talk with Halim to decide whether it is a proper way for me to wish good luck for the event and to offer him any help that I can give. For me, maybe we look it very simple but a simple good luck may make our relationship between UiTM & UM to be better. I not said that what we have today is worst but we need to improve it. Whatever it is I hope this event will be the best from the best and create its own history in the accounting field.

I also wish all the best for all the participants especially from UiTM and I hope u will gather something useful there especially during a talk from Mr Ivo van der Kleij, Manager of Graduate Recruitment, Human Resources Department KPMG Malaysia. I really look forward for his talk but I cannot attend it coz have another program to attend. 

Mr Ivo van der Kleij
Good Luck

Mohd Ashraf Bin Mohd Zabidi
SRC UiTM Malaysia


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