Lastly.......2012 Film

Actually I really wanted to watch this film....2012 Film coz my friends said that this film was fulled with morale that we can get from it. One of my friend also said that this film is worth more than money that you invested in buying the ticket. One of my best friend, Halim also said that this movie really good, actually he is a very detailed but he likes this movie very he convinced me gak ar. So at last, this evening I went to JJ Bukit Raja to watched 2012 Film with Baby....haha dapat gak ak tengok ek.

 Film 2012

There are a few words that I like it very much in this movie such as:

"A young scientist worth more than 20 politicians"

" One thing that I must do is to get people know about it" - President Of US

There are a few lessons that I learned from this movie such as:

" As a good leader you must make your man come first"
We can see that the president doesn't want to ride that ship coz he want to warned his country citizens about the situation although lastly it took his life.

"Life like a wheel" 
which we can see that where in this movie world highest peak at Himalayas change to Kwazulu in Africa after that tragedy.

Yes, I admit it this movie teach us a number of human values where most of us ignored it today, today we become so materialistic, with ignorance to others feelings and does not respect others which we called human being.

After watched that movie, baby belanje me makan Pizza ler...hehe tq very much...hehe mcam terbalik plak tapi dah ak bayar for the movie dia bayar ler for the foods kan...haha berkire giler. Tq Beb...

 Oscar Awards for This Film....

 Padan ler amek akaun......bende ni pun ak nak upload...haha


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