Now focus at my last blog for this year.....ACCSOFT

As the title of this post, now I focus to my last blog for this year ACCSOFT....this is where you can learned about accounting software such as MYoB, UBS, SAP, MR Accounting, and other software that usually used by a number of firms especially in Malaysia.

This blog also will help students especially who is in preparation for internship to learn about accounting software better before they learned it during internship time. This blog also allows you to download trial of a few accounting software so then you can practice it.

After completion of this blog, I will go to another phase of my blogging project , to restructure my blogs and then I will advertise my blogs..insyallah. Alhamdulillah, I like this hobby of blogging, which at the same time will help people insyallah.

Mohd Ashraf Bin Mohd Zabidi
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