Now Focusing To My Counseling Blog......3 more to achieve this year target.

Now I'm focusing to my counseling blog with three main motivators.....Dato Fadzillah Kamsah, Dr HM Tuah and Dr Fazley Yaacob. In this blog I will put in it  about motivational stories, quotes, and many more ar....sbenarnyer tak taw nak letak per lagi sbb tgh memikirkannyer...haha. Tapi bila kita buat bende yang kita minat, benda yang leceh akan jadi mudah bende yang sukar akan jadik senang...kan kan. 

To all my readers give me ideas on what topic should I focusing for my next next blogs....nak capai target ni. Target....And one more thing, money is not everything but everything need money....I do all these not for the sake of money although peoples always said that accountants tu


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