Suara Siswa: Hijrah Dari Pandangan Mahasiswa

Last I night, I went to RTM Angkasapuri to support my friend, Amir, Spiritual Exco who was one of the panel during the forum, Suara Siswa at TV1 which run by Dr Fazley Yaacob. Actually this is second time I went there which the first time during KSN Talk in Bicara Tokoh by Tan Sri Mohd Sidek bin Haji Hassan. Quite best gak tajuk and pengisian dia, makanan dia pun sedap awal2 makan kat luar...nasi gorang ayam kot..sedap ler...hehe pas tu at the end lepas program makan nasi putih ngan sup daging kat bilik holding room with Fazley. Actually I'm respect this man not coz he is an artist but I respect him coz his view in the business which make him to opened his college which named  Fazley International College. I also like the last song before the program which song with the Hijrah theme. All going fine there, and maybe next time I will have another chance to go there again.Insyallah and amin.....But I hope at the another time, I want to see or hear a successful businessman or politician talk instead of artists....insyallah.

At the Angkasapuri Lobby...

RTM lobby....

Pictures of Tunku Mizan with his wife, Najib and Rais Yatim...

Pusat Berita TV RTM

Perpustakaan Berita TV

Unit Ehwal Semasa TV

Actually ada gambar ngan Fazley but gambar tu ader ngan Hassan so later on la ek baru upload...hehe


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