This morning after wake up, I read Ujang Magazine....ermmmm yesterday I read it but feel asleep...haha.
One thing that I want to share with u'll my readers is about ten most expensive potrait in the world...jeng jeng jeng..The winners are....

1. Portrait Of Adele Bloch-Baeur By Gustav Klimt

 2. Garcon A La Pipe By Pablo Picasso ($104.1millions)

3. Dora With Cat By Carlo Picasso ($95.2millions)

4. Portrait of Dr Gachets By Vincent Van Gogh($82.5millions)

5. Bal Au Moulin De La Gallet By Pierre Auguste Renoir ($78millions)

6.Massacre Of The Innocent By Paul Peter Paul Rubens

7. Potrait De I'artiste Sans Barbe By Vincent Van Gogh ($71..5millions)

8. Rideau Cruchon Et Compotier By Paul Cezanne ($60.5millions)

9. Femme Aux Bras Crooises By Pablo Picasso ($55millions)

10. Irises By Vincent Van Gogh By Van Gogh ($53.9millions)

If we look at the portraits above we can see that among 10 most expensive portraits:
Pablo Picasso 3
Vincent Van Gogh 3
Gustav Klimt 1
Pierre Auguste Renoir 1
Peter Paul Rubbens 1
Paul Cezanne 1

If we calculate their accumulated portraits values for each, it will be as below:
Pablo Picasso $254.3millions
Vincent Van Gogh $207.9millions
Gustav Klimt $135millions
Pierre Auguste Renoir $78millions
Peter Paul Rubens $76.7millions
Paul Cezanne $60.5millions
Total = $812millions 

Hope u can get some information there.  


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