Top Ten News Today (1 Dec 2009)



For me I think BTN is good enough for Bumiputra but for the sake of 1 Malaysia, I agree with that but I think instead of change the cocuricular content in this program it is better to develop a new BTN called 1 Malaysia BTN while we retained the old one coz the old one has its own value especially about Ketuanan Melayu and it is for the sake of Bumiputra as I have said before.

Alhamdulillah from year to a year, more and more ships and aerospace companies and countries join this annual event, LIMA 2009. LIMA or Langkawi International Malaysia Aerospace actually has been initiated by former Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Muhammad. In this event there are a number of aerospace business transaction which contributed to Malaysia economy and tourism sector. I hope that this event will be continuesly hold and I also hope that this event will give a boost to our SMEs.


Alhamdulillah thanks to God, if this thing really happend in this economic recession situation. For me, global economic recession in the year of 1998 really teach Malaysia how to face world economic problem which during that time we led by our former Prime Minister, Tun Mahathir. One big thing that I respect him is about the government action to make sure Malaysia Ringgit at a fixed rate in exchange with US Dollar. Whatever it is I hope although Malaysia economic GDP growth but don't ever forget about the welfare of our citizens especially the poor one coz we don't want to be like a capitalist market where the richer become richer, the poor become poorer coz the poors also have their right in the economy.

A local giant telecommunication company, Maxis Bhd. has declared 6 sen dividend yesterday. Actually the investors expect it will happen in 2010 but it is earlier. For me I think, Maxis' share price will open at a high value today because of the declaration. Whatever it is I hope Maxis will never forget deeds of its workers who work day and night to make sure that Maxis in a right lane in this high competition telecommunication market. 


I don't know what to say about this organization which described as "Old Boyz Club" headed by an old lady...haha. The old lady means Queen Elizabeth II which lead this commenwealth organization. This organization contains of 54 members and the new member is Rwanda. Whether it is "Old Boyz Club", as described by one of the newspaper.....I don't know coz what I see the this organization is really good coz we can have better networking with other countries and then can develop our trades among the countries. In a short note, it is important and give good impact for our business and economy.

For the time being, police still searching the man who shoot 4 police officers as reported yesterday. This targedy happened in Portland. I hope the polices will find the man they searching for before any other bad thing happen. 

 Hahaha.....I don't know how this couple can entered into a high security place without a help from the people inside White House. Whoever it is, I hope Barrack Obama alert with his own safety and don't trust your security man very much coz maybe they are one of the insider who try to kill your Obama. I like your style Obama but please watch your back coz I don't want you to become another JFK. I know that you will change perspective of Americans towards Islam, and I know you always hold to your promise to close Guantanamo Prison which ignored human rights.


Yes among the goalkeepers that I admired such as Peter Schmeichel, David Seaman, Van Der Sar, Casillas, and Buffon. Pepe Reina is also included in the list. For me, Liverpool have a great goalkeeper, but I more respect its Captain, Steven Gerrard which convince his team to play well although they are at the problem right now. With the Rafael Benitez's position in uncertainty I think Gerrard are the one who supposely to convinced his team to play well and he did his work. Whatever it is goodluck Liverpool....chayok chayok Manchester United...haha.

It is quite an ashameful thing when Malaysia cannot land plane at Wattay International Airport in Vientiane and it will cause a problem to Malaysian Football Skuad especially its coach K Rajagobal. He needs to rescheduled for training and a few friendly matches there. Whatever it is I hope Malaysia Football Skuad will come back with a medal in any colour except rainbow colour coz it is unmarketable...haha.

Chayok chayok Manchester United.....lost 0-1 to Besiktas with a second team skuad I think not a measurement to this club performance in Champions League. Next week, Man Utd will come to Besiktas Stadium to beat them at their own stadium....amin....Well Alex do the best for our team and I will be the person who will takeover Man Utd from Malcolm Glazer...ok.


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