Alhamdulillah, after a few hours, two more my blogs completed. One of it called as International News Network or INN while the other one I named as Ashraf Zabidi Free Services Blog. It means that until this time (9pm in Malaysia, 5 December 2009), I have completed and managing about 24 blogs, 6 more to this year target....insyallah. Below are the 2 new blogs that I have completed it:

International News Network (INN).....gate towards updated information around the world

Ashraf Zabidi Free enhance my skill I help others with the motto
"Help Us For Us To Help U"

I really hope that with completion both blogs it will help my readers in term of services and information around the world...insyallah.

Best Regards And Happy Browsing

Mohd Ashraf Bin Mohd Zabidi
Founder Of AiNIS Blogging System


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