Last Day....

Now I'm at ABACCS Room surfing internet. This is the last day for me as MPP......owh so sad, I will remember all the memories with the MPP's team. Thanks to all of you coz we have face a year together MMS, KPMMS, OM, Jom Nikah, BTN,  Feskem, Konvensyen and many more things together. I hope that we will keep our relationship forever. I want to say sorry very very much coz too focused at the faculty matters which sometimes I ignored matters at the Canselory level and to be accurate, HEP's matters. Whatever it is, I want to say sorry for my mistakes during our one year time together. What is good come from Allah and what is bad come from myself.

Good luck my friend.

Mohd Ashraf Mohd Zabidi
Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar @ Student Representative Council  
University Technology MARA of Malaysia
2009/2010 Session


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