Just For The First Time

Maybe yesterday is the day where the first time I got a chance went to Bukit Cerakah....sincerely I don't know that it is a good place to relaxing your mind and also a good place to exercise...haha quite a long time I not exercise. Actually yesterday, I went to Bukit Cerakah with Shafiq, right after SMF's meeting.I went there coz to "turun padang" to see my junior from part 4 ex-diploma whether from branches or Puncak Perdana who continue to pursue their degree in UiTM Shah Alam. This program conducted by Unit Counseling Of UiTM in collaboration with ABACCS and AFTAS comittee like Puteh, Krol, Khalisah, Fiqul and many more.

When we arrived there, we really don't know where to head first, so we took decision to ask the Ranger and start to walk in without knew that there is a bicycle for rent there. So after a long walk, and quite tired, we asked peoples around there where to rent bicycle....RM3 and RM5 per hour...kira ok coz  it is a long time for my last time ride a bicycle...may be during standard 6 kalau x silap...huhu.

When we arrived to the place where the program held, we just mingle-mingle around before went to 4 season house.Once again RM3 per entrance and during our visit there it is winter season. So I like it ar....ahak ahak.
Just a scenic view there...I like it but it the winter totally different compared to the winter in Jeju Island, Korea which I visited last 2 years.

After that, we went back to the place where the program held and it already end, just wait them for tea time and took bus to go back to campus. Puan Dayang who is the facilitator for faculty of accountancy said thank for joining the program although I'm not really join it 100%. Just to show to my juniors that I care about them and I hope they do the best during pursuing their degree here...insyallah and amin.

On the way back to college, I asked Syaffiq that where will he teach me how to play skuash. Then he invited me to play skuash at Pusat Sukan....haha yes my dream come true ar.

After played for about an hour...for me I can concluded that it is quite a good game to play. He also told me that I'm a good player which I'm don't think I am coz that was the first time I played it. I really look forward to play it again....insyallah.


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