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Overview Of Squash

Squash's Court

History Of Squash

Looking forward to buy this Squash Racket: 
Prince O3 Hybrid Light 
From Sport Horizon

Make a nice wear with this shoes
Aasics Gel Blade 2(Men)     

UiTM's Squash Court 

Only one thing I regret about it.....I think it is quite late for me to start playing this game but whatever it is when I like it I will play it and of enjoy it. Afiq offer me to play against him and I said that I still new in this game and this I did a joke when I said that I will give him a bye coz I know I will lost against him...haha. 

Bukit Merah....dekat tapi tak penah g...haha

Whatever it is, now I planning for a family vacation at Bukit Merah during Chinese New Year's Holiday coz I know that a number of vacation that I cannot joined them coz my busyness in MPP...huhu. Family affairs and relationship is more important than money, it is more important to be a milionaire of  happiness instead of a millionaire of money but poor in happiness. 

Until next time,see ya...


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