Nicol's Racket is My Racket and Vise Versa

Ermmmmm....right now just thinking about one thing, want to buy it or not??? A good racket produce a good player or a good player produce a good racket. Actually for me, if I invest some money into something so I want a return, the same thing go to my favorite, squash game. I want to buy Prince O3 Speedport Black but I don't know whether it is a good investment or not. For me, when the this game I fall in love with it. I like to be busy always so after "turn takhta" as "MPP" or Student Representative Council, it really give me a big impact when I feel really bored of my free times so maybe now my free time can be filled with this new hobby. 

Prince O3 Speedport Black is a racket that used by No 1 woman squash player, Nicol Ann David. But a few things keep playing in my mind, I like red colour but the racket is black, and don't like the x lawa jek....huhu. 
Nicol Ann David with Prince O3 Speedport Black

Whatever it is maybe it is better for me to look after it tomorrow at Proshop Subang Jaya...ermmm where is it I don't know....from what I heard, it between Sheraton ngan ape tah. Nak cakap lebih-lebih bukannya aku tau...

Will me rule the court too together with them??? Anything can happen when we have a desire for success
For me, for the being I decide to buy this racket but I don't know which color will I buy coz I don't like black cam sedih jek colour ni....maybe below are the color of racket that playing in my mind....and this racket is not cheap, it is about RM550 gak once break consider sold lar....haha


Red....ermmm my fav color

Blue....also a nice colour jugak...

Maybe, maybe,k.....I want to buy a red one coz suitable with my red tshirt, shoes and socks...haha, whatever it is I hope to see you in court....Mamorth...haha. Until next post..see ya..salam..


Anonymous said…
lol! It's definitely the player and not the racquet. Chanced on your blog by chance. Salam.

From a Squash Fan.
Ashraf Zabidi said…
Hahaha....btol btol.

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