Second Suara Siswa: A New Politic

Once again I given an opportunity to join Suara Siswa. Today, my big boss, YDP MPP UiTM, Mr Mursyidi chosen as one of the panelist to give an idea in the forum with the title "A New Politic".

Site Preparation Of Suara Siswa...

If before I am so excited to go to RTM and take pictures but this time it is nothing. I feel nothing like I am a human without feelings when I go there second time…haha. Actually this time is more special than before coz Datuk Saifuddin, Deputy Minister of High Education also join this program. 

 Audience in the studio...

For me when we talk about new politic, we talk about changes in politics….how a biggest party in 
Malaysia can loss 5 states to a party named PKR but I don’t want to talk more about it or I will be banned. Yer la…..sume dek AUKU dan ISA kan, but any act that have been passed by the parliament has its own benefit to its citizen.  

If others SMS friends or somebody that they are in live Broadcast in RTM Suara Siswa Program but for me, I don't want to inform they about it coz I don't want to proud of just as an audience there is nothing to proud of, but although I'm not telling my friends and my family but after the program ended I received a bundle of SMS that they see me in that show, especially from my mum and dad...haha kantoi aku kata. Tu baru jadik audience kalau jadik panel entah inbox aku full ke hape tak taw ar, maybe siap ade yang emel lagi...haha. But for me, to join this program as a panel, I have to make my mind maturer and many more books that I need to read.

If last time I went here I am very passionate to take pictures but now not excited sangat....kalau b4 tengok Fazley I'm so excited but now still excited tapi kurang sket ar but my respect still a respect coz I respect him as a futurist young man. 

Suara Siswa still a program that must be watch every Tuesday at 10pm...


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