50 Things Most Guys Don't Know about Girls

- It means a lot more to a girl, when she is called beautiful instead of hot. Hot is more of a sexual term to us. Yes, it's a compliment. But beautiful means a lot more.

- If a girl doesn't want to talk to you on the phone when you call. Normally it's because she has nothing to say.

- If you ask a girl to hang out. And she sais she's busy, or grounded. She probably doesn't want to hang out with you. (or really could be grounded)

- If a girl calls you back. Then normally she does like you and wants to talk.

- If you call the girl you like, and her friend answers the phone and sais she'll call you back. More than likely, she won't.

- Girls don't mind when you slap their butt, its a compliment, she just doesn't want to seem like a slut, so she acts like it offends her.

- If you talk about all the sexual things you have done with a girl to brag. I doesn't make her want to do things with you. It's a turn off.

- If you say you like a girl over the phone or internet, then when you get together and you don't flirt with her. Don't expect her to want to hang out with you anymore.

- When a girl acts like something is wrong, and you ask her and her responce is "Nothing" or "I'm fine" she's not fine. and wants you to talk to her.

- If you break up with a girl, atleast wait a week before you try to date her best friend.

- If you were once 'talking' to a girl, then it just didn't work out. And you talk about your current girlfriend all the time. It pisses her off, and you're an asshole.

- If a girl tells you she likes you and you keep saying "You don't really like me." Eventually..she won't.

- Girls don't normally come out and tell you that they like you. So if a girl does tell you that. Normally she means it.

- If a girl suddenly stops talking to you. It's because things are moving too fast. Or not moving at all.

- Girls would rather you break up with them first before cheating on them. Common courtesy.

- Don't make up lies about what you've 'supposedly' done with your girlfriend. Because she finds out, she's gonna be pissed.

- If a girl sais she doesn't want to go any further than making out with you. You should respect her decision. And if you don't like it. Break up with her for a slut.

- If you try to hold a girls hand, and she backs away, try one more time because it could be an accident. But if she turns you down the second time. Please don't do it again.

- If you're in the movies with your girlfriend and her best friend, do not make out with her in front of the friend. That would make the friend the 3rd wheel. Once again, Common courtesy.

- Many girls do not like PDA, so don't have your hand in her back pocket when you're walking around. Also, don't try to make out with her infront of a large group of people.
PDA is fine, just not too much. Many things should be done behind closed doors.

- If you have a top friends on facebook or myspace. Put your girlfriend atleast at number 1 or damn atleast number 2, because it makes her feel specail.

- If you break up with your girlfriend, do not act like she fell of the face of the fucking earth, atleast be decent to her, she still exists.

- If your girlfriend breaks up with you. Do not be an asshole, and then run to another girl the minute you break up. Don't go behind her back and slander her name b/c you're pissed she broke up with you. It makes you look like you never cared in the first place.

- If it is a mutual break up, if the girl sais, "I still want to be friends." then she still wants to be your friend.

- Do not say "I love you." the same day you start going out. Unless you've been talking for months and have been dying to say it. But if you just blurt it out, the girl may be caught off gaurd and not know what to say.

- If a girl says "I love you" Back, she probably doesn't mean it. and feels bad.

- Don't say shit about a girl one week, then try to get with her the next.

- Just because you do something nice for your girl, doesn't mean she owes you anything.

- You should let your girl know that you love her, and that she is still in the picture.

- Never let her think that she has to give you love, to receive love.

- Girls might be flirting around all day, but before they go to sleep, they always think about the guy they truely care about.

- Girls love it when you hold their hand. It's simple but means a lot.

- Girls want your attention, so don't make her be an idiot of herself to get yours.

- A girl who likes you wants to be the only girl you're talking to.

- Don't talk about your other girl friends in front of the girl you like.

- If you're in a relationship with a girl you really like, don't bring your friends into it. It starts drama.

- Girls are very sensitive and emotional, so if you make a girl cry. It's going to take a lot to make it up to her.

- Don't tell a girl she's ugly. Even if you are kidding.

- Don't tell a girl she looks fat. Even if you are KIDDING.

- Girls can be very open about themselves, and if they are sitting and having a deep conversation with their best friend. It'd be better to stay away. Because more than likely you are the topic.

- Try to be as straightforward as possible.

- If a girl does something stupid in front of you, its the only thing she thinks about untill the next time she sees you.

- If a girl asks you if you're mad at her, don't make her think you are. Tell the truth.

- Don't make out with a girl, just because you need some action. Because that makes her think that you like her. So don't wonder why she keeps bothering you, after you kiss her.

- Girls hate it when you string them along. And it's very hurtful.

- Girls want a mature guy that acts his age.

- Girls just want to be held. You don't even have to talk to them, just let her know she's specail.

- If a girl is cold and you have a jacket. Either let her get in it with you. Or give her the damn jacket. That is, if you like her.

- Girls like it when you let them know, that you like them, but don't act too desperate.

- If you are just trying to 'get some' don't comfort a girl when she breaks up with her boyfriend, just to get with her, if you don't really want her.


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