APACS Dinner....

Yesterday, I have been to Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC) in Putrajaya of coz. (haha) for APACS Annual Dinner 2010. I went there with Alia, Fana, Hajar, Khalisah, and Fifi, Faculty's New MPP@SRC.

Putrajaya International Convention Centre

Unfortunately, we arrived there at 9.00pm which supposedly arrive at 8.00pm. At the time, the VVIP in that night have finished his speech. We went to the registration table and said sorry to the committees 4 our late arrival. Actually we arrived there late because SMF have its KPO or Kursus Pengurusan Organisasi which ended at 6.30pm.
Apacs Annual Dinner 2010 with its theme Starstruck, Breaking Boundaries, Soaring Heights
In unfortunate events, there is a fortunate event when we went to the Ball Room, at that time the dinner just served and just waited for us to take a bite of it.....hahahaha. I said to Khalisah, "....pengajaran kita hari ni, kalau event camni yang tulis datang kol 8, kita datang kol 9 so dapat terus makan, x yah dengo speech"..haha.
Food served during the night are marvelous and awesome....haha yer la dah lapo sume pun sedap. We shared our table with Ija (New President of Aftas) and Fiqul, while next to our table, there are my vice director and Secretary General of Part 8 Dinner, Aiman and Jes. Sincerely said last dinner was better than this year and not saying that this dinner worst because I think I can give up to 4.5stars to this program.Congrats to Atman, PD of the night.
Right after the event ended at around 1am, before back to Shah Alam, we take a round in Putrajaya...take picture here and there and for me the view are very scenic. But sadly, I have to refuse their wish to go to KLCC coz I have a Talk of Company Secretary at 8am. I'm so sorry my friends...huhu. Maybe next time, we will have a chance to go there together.

And I felt that the journey back to Shah Alam are very long when Alia drive. Bayangkanlah pakai potong jerk kiri kanan jalan, nasib bek Fifi jadik co-pilot. Nak harapkan aku, training pun x abeh lagi, yer lar time kelas driving je mesti ada test ar ape lar,....mcam2....last-last license which supposely I got last December still x dapat-dapat.

In the journey back I remain silent, entahlah rasa cam fikirkan sesuatu tapi x tahu apa yang difikirkan, Entahlah these past few days I felt that something is missing and I felt that my feeling are unstable. For me when my feelings are unstable, I just keep silent and sometimes may make others to be bored with me. Not saying that I am a emotional person but what can I say is that I worried of something, but I don't know what is it...tah lar cam celaru sket but I think the term "celaru" is too heavy for me.

We arrived at Shah Alam in 3am and I slept at 5am and I need to rise up as early as I can coz the CRG's Seminar will be begin at 8.30am and the subuh...ermmm ermmm Acapp Acappp pe nak jadik ni...


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