Forgot, Error and Cost...

Today when I went to the BEL499 Class, I come early and maybe the earliest history of mine in UiTM but that is not what I want to said, it is about what I forgot when I come to the class today. Yesterday, I pomised with Adnan to borrow him my blazer and give it at around 8am then when I realized it, I need to go back to Jati (My Sweet 2nd Home). Then for me, it is an error, then when it is an error it also a cost to me....opssss..silap costsss....
When we talk about costs do not mean solely in materials but also in term of time and energy. I have wasted time, energy, and also money for the petrol. A lesson I got is that I must list down all the things before do something then the wasted costs will be reduced then eliminate. 
Let say the price of time I wasted equal to RM10, then energy I used cost me RM3 then the petrol I used equal to RM2 then the grand total costs was RM15...wah a small "forgot", make it an error then make me to bind a cost of about RM15. Kalau 10 times, if I do the same mistakes 10 times it will cost me RM150, then if I do it 100 times..pergh....

So what can I say is that one of the way to reduce our living cost is by reduce your "forgotten" matters or one of the best way to make it is to list thing that you want to do and you want to bring then it will be no "forgot forgot" matters, when it there are no "forgot forgot" matters there will be cost minimization for you.
Ashraf Zabidi


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