I Need A Turning Point....

I don't know what happened to me this semester, everything seem terrible. I try to do my best on almost everything but the result really make me disappointed and regret. Seems that there are no more passion in everything that I like or love to do before.

Maybe this is the time I need to go back to the root for us as human being who sometimes forgot about our creator when we are too passionate with our life. 

Ya Allah, as a human being I am nothing, without luxuries that you gave me I'm only a needy who always need World in my side and never think about hereafter. Although it is the destination for us, for me sometimes I forgot about prayer, I forgot about Al-quran, I forgot about Hadith and As Sunnah, and I also forgot to say thanks to Allah, our creator.

Thank you Allah coz you still looks for me when I am in the road where there are no turning back but there are a stop centre where a human being can look over himself, to think about sins, sins to the Creator, to peoples and to his environment.
Ya Allah, I know I lost my focus because I never think that prayer is a big deal as a human being especially a man called himself Islam.I don't know when is the last time I recite and read Al-quran & Yassin. I don't know when is the last time I went to mosque other than Jumaat Prayer. Oh my god, what a 'unthankful' man I am....huhu.

Ya Allah please lead me the way that a way towards people at your side coz I'm just a 'weaky' and 'unthankful' man that seldom say thanks to his creator..huhu


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