Buzzyyy Day....

Huh...quite a busy day today, open my eyes Korean script need to be done with Aqran, Shakila, Fariza & Kak Sarah "annyonghaseyo banggawoyo" until lunch hour. Sadly my bike in workshop so no biking biking for yesterday and today. Sooo boooring, then went to SAAS with Aqran, thank u very much.....

Then at Lunch hour, two jobs at that time, AIS Class and Dinner 's Meeting....firstly went to the class then the meeting, thank you to all MT's coz handled the meeting, tq Jas, Anis, Atila, Halim, Aiman and Hani., you'll always the best. Its really good to sit together with almost 100 committees with a mix between normal and fast trackers with a number of perspectives and opinions and views.

Last but not least after the meeting, have an appointment with Aunt Sue, the renting house agent. So sorry coz cannot make a deal today because there are something that we disagree which then we discovered that the matter of disagreement are from us...huhu sorry ek Auntie,we will confirm it tomorrow.

It is really a busy day but I like it coz I am really a busybody...haha


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