Dislike Feature In The Facebook

I am just wandering if there are dislike features in the Facebook as well as like features, what will happened huh?....Maybe with this feature, Facebook will not be just a place to find friends but also enemy (with added s maybee...).

Whatever it is, it will depends to the owner whether to add this feature or not coz nothing impossible in this world, and maybe after this we can see war in the Facebook using dislike feature other than existing Mafia War but whatever it is I just wandering if that happen and really hope not to be and it is just a matter of creativity in thinking as what Mazidul said yesterday in his blog.

Opsss....this entry not ended yet, yes if we see from negative perspective maybe you will not say yes to this feature but as you all know, sometimes status in Facebook not as we wish for as an example " I am very tired and sick today"....you only have the feature of like but not dislike. It is weird for us to look or like when others suffer so here comes the importance of dislike feature.

Just an opinion from a man who actually just wandering about the idea of dislike feature.


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