F1 Petronas Malaysian Grandprix

On Sunday of 4 April 2010 there will be a F1 Race in Sepang Circuit. The qualification session which held in Saturday shown that the starting grid will be as below:
Starting Grid 

Our F1 hero, Fairuz Fauzy will be starting at the 22nd post between Lucas Di Grasi(Virgin-Cosworth) and  Brunno Senna (HRT-Cosworth). We hope the best from our hero and maybe he can do something tomorrow (Sunday). 

F1 Sepang Circuit

The tickets' price as lowest as RM100 to as highest as Mountain Kinabalu...haha just kidding the most expensive is about RM2600.Whatever the price is, for F1 fan (of coz not me....haha but have addicted b4) the price is nothing compared to the experience to see the race in front of them and also to see famous F1 Drivers like Michael Schumacher and Mark Webber,the price is really nothing.

Got to go coz have futsal tournament tomorrow...hope the best and best regards to all my readers also to Fairuz Fauzi....

Best Regards


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