Last Class.....

Today is the last class for ACB6Q....huhu sedihnye nak tinggalkan korang untuk praktikal next sem. The last class is CRG Class by PM Dr Shafi kat kelas tu lecturer keluar jek kami borak, bila dia masuk balik kami sambung berlakon....haha....Asma, Yana, Raja, Ira...huah huah bebudak len marah kita ek sebab bising. Tp last-last diaorang pun join borak...haha. This is my second time be a class best sebab kene marah ada, kene puji ada, macam-macam ade la. Sincerely I like to be a Class Rep better than JPK, MPP @ SMF.....not coz it is a small group but I can really have a relationship and bonding with them...(bukan teknik rebonding yang rejoice tu,k..) 

There are a few guidelines I prepared here for class reps not saying that I'm perfect as a classrep coz I'm really not perfect. The guidelines are:
1. Class E-Mail
It is better for a class to have its own email, we use email as a medium to share everything such as slides, PBL, past year, notes and many more. This email only can be accessed by own classmates. Our class use as our class email. No cost but good benefits....Idea for a blog for a class also ok but I don't know how to upload files using blog make me to use email. With the email, you also can create a sense of belonging in the classmates themselves.  
2. Class Account 
My class consist of a repeaters so sometimes our own schedule and classes may differ such as an example take FAR subject in Q class but MAF in another class so then it is better to have an individual account then there you know how much each one have for photostatting jobs. Maybe it looked as a small matter, but a small matter if ignored it may turn into a serious matter especially in the job related to money and funds.

 3.You Are Not The Boss You Are A Worker  
When people appoint you as a class rep it does not mean they work for you but you work for them. Hey who says class rep is a boss...ermmm may be yes in term of decision making process but in term of job, you are a worker. Setup interview, setup class....and many things that need to be set up with the help of my assistant, Sally...thanks.

4.Use Two Number Celcom & Maxis
Sincerely I admit that I use two numbers not because of my own personal interest but for the sake of the class. It is easier for my classmates to contact me at a low cost, one who have Celcom number contact me by Celcom as well as maxis.Other than that actually I felt that it is better to use two number coz my handset have the feature for 2 sim cards which easier instead bring two mobile with two sim cards each.    

5.Build A Close Relationship With Your Lecturer 
Yes, it is right,.be a classrep is really important to have a close relationship with your lecturer. Close pun x pandai-pandai gak aku...huhu.

6.Admit When You Do A Mistake
Everyone did a mistake (or mistakes) then as a classrep or a leader, you must admit that you do a mistake when you did it.We must accept the fact that we are not perfect but please don't repeat the same mistake again.
That are guidelines that may help a class rep to handle their class or may be to a project manager to control or lead a small unit. Before balik tadi, we have a lunch together.....huhu. After this final exam and after that everyone will be busy with their life and practical training which will begin in one month time (less actually...), whatever it is I hope you all do the best during the practical training, I am really sorry for any mistakes that I have did, ok. Goodluck....


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