A Long Thursday....

Today I begin my day with a presentation of AIS630, System Analysis And Design. Right after the presentation ended at about 1.30pm, I went for a QTI Test for Driving License and all going fine and have passed the test at about 5pm. Then around 5.30pm, I have a futsal training and thanks God coz today we have an opportunity to have a match against Sport Science students.....hehe. Banyak gak gol bolos....huhu. After that at about 7.30pm, have a dinner with my friends....Halim, Sham, Khai, Amir not joined us coz he have a class. So then I back to my lovely colleague at around 8pm (dah 3 tahun kot tinggal kat kolej ni, next sem  dok umah sewa...huhu selamat tinggal Jati). While at around 9.15pm, we have a squash training until 10.45pm......and after that have a chicken chop at Dataran Cendekia...hehe my supper. Pandai betol lar, ko carik tempat Sham, semuanya sejuk mata memandang...hehe. And lastly now at 11.28pm updating my blog today. Actually there are sumthing that I want to share tapi dah ngantuk dan nak tido jek ni...hehe sorrry. Good nitez...


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