Top 11 Games In My NoteBook....

There are a numbers of games in my notebook and there are some games that are my favourites such as and the best eleven of it are:

11. Breath Of Fire II
 It is a good RPG game like Final Fantasy but here you can develop your own village by travel around the world to fight evil.

10. Earthbound
 In this RPG game, you are in a modern world where you need to travel from one town to another town to find a clue of fighting Giygas, the boss. There are a few friends will help you during the journey and when you stuck somewhere there is a Hint Centre where you can pay up certain amount to get the information about what to do next.

9. Civilization
 This is a game where you need to develop your own country and make a diplomatic relationship with all the nations around the world or you can get in war with them it really depends to you. It also need you to chose type of politic that you want to implement. By doing research, there are a few achievement that you can get such as availability to build any 7 of Wonderful World Buildings. 

8. Caesar Palace
 It is a typical casino game but what is the best thing about it is you can do your probability calculation on everything on this game.It is a game that you will not get bored of it.It begin with a situation where you are nearly broke, then the Bank lend you about 500 dollars to play in this game and then can pay up all your debts.

7. Sim City
In this game, you is a mayor of city which the you named the city. But before become a city, your city is a village then a city and then a capital and then a metropolis. Many things that you need to manage on this game such as rate for industry and invidual tax rates. You also must minimize and solve your city problems such as employment, housing cost, high tax rates and many more. You also can build airport and seaport to attract more industries coming to your city. 

6.Plants Vs Zombie
This is one of the most popular simple game nowadays. It is a game where you need to defend your garden against zombies. You need to manage your attacks against the zombies too....It is also important for you to decide which one should you take in the case of scarce resources which resources in this game is Sun Lights which produce by mushrooms and Sun Flowers. There are 4 different places and you need to play in the same place two times, in the morning level and night level. The threats by playing it in the morning and night level are really different.

5.Mr Santa Bowling
Are you bored? Are u want some game that can cheer you up?? Yes, this it is.... a game where a fat Santa playing Bowling not in Times Square or Plaza Alam Sentral (PAS) but in the lane which the pins are the elves. This is not a typical bowling games because here you can have a jumping pin and a narrow lane with a bonus of using a gigantic bowling ball and a ball that have a pair of hand.

4.Harvest Moon
This is a farmer's game like the game of Alice Green Fingers. In this game you are a farmer who come back to your old ranch and farm of your grandpa. The farm was neglected for so long and the mayor need your help to make it back to a productive farm. You can plants a varieties of plants such as corn, tomato, strawberry etc, at the same time can keep up hens, cows, sheep, a horse and a dog. You also can renovate your barns and your house so then you can use your kitchen to cook and put foods into refrigerator. There are some events on certain date such as your birthday, Cooking Festival, Swimming Competition, Eve's Day,  Horse and Dog Race, and many more. Last but not least, in this game you can get married with the girl you like but before that you need to raise up her loves on you. Then there will be a yellow man come to your farm to offer you to buy a Blue Feather which allowed you to proposed a girl before get married. After get married, you may have children up to two children........wanna to know more??? so play this of favorite game of mine. 

3.Mr Jones Graveyard Shift
This is a game where you are an undertaker where you manage an area of cemetery and decide how you want the layout of the cemetery to be so then it will maximize your profit. In this game you will meet a few customer classified as poorest (demand around $6-25), poor (demand around $25-$250), rich (demand around $650-$1.5k) and richest (demand around $6.5k-$100k). Other than that you also will receive a popular customer which need a special cemetary which the payment is not cash but bonus item such as tractor and many more items. It is a good game for one who like management game and make ur mind to become more creative.  

Check.....check....checkmate....that is what you will hear in this chess game.This game have a few options other than to play chess such as tutorial, and a few lesson that you can learn when certain situation happened. It will teach you, what is fork, what is castling and what is a stalemate (or draw). While the tutorial it has,shown in visual and audio. In this game, you need to beat players with various ranking to be the Chess Master.A good game for one who like to play chess.

1. Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 (PES2010)
Of coz, PES2010 the best game I ever like, the best game for Football Fans. It is quite weird if a guy who like football don't know this game. This game is in line with FIFA2010 which I think this game is better than FIFA (Just an opinion). In this game you can manage you team to get through season by season and in the same time keep up a good budgeting and make sure that all revenues that you got can paid up salaries of player, managers, doctors, fans club, player scouts,coaches and also to maintain a good stadium facilities. Every year the best player will be chosen as the best European player of the year. And make sure that your player are happy enough staying with your team or else, he will leave u. 

Those are games are the Top Eleven Games of mine in my notebook....hehe best best. 

Until next time, regards....

Ashraf Zabidi
Die Hard Gamers Fan


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