Supernatural & Islam

Yesterday I watched this episode which in this episode there is a game of poker which use years of life as chips@token for gambling which the dealer is a 900years old witch man but then I'm shocked when I see a few part which shown chips which used to play in Casino have illustration of Star and Moon on it which symbollized Islam. To get a clear picture u can see at the pictures below:

Supernatural Season 5 Episode 7: The Curious Case Of Dean Winchester

The chips in the box illustrated @ have a symbol of star and moon....

A poker game between 

There are more chips here....

Wife of the 900years old witch man

I don't know whether  there are nobody saw @ realized it or this thing already have been an issue that maybe I overheard of it. Simply, this Supernatural movie really a Christian Movie which the names originated from the Bible which in this episode it seems that I try to monopolize other region....


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