This morning, I began my day with a breakfast with Zaimi at Section 2 (Of Company Act....haha CRG). A Nasi Lemak with a cup of hot tea just enough to make an empty stomach filled with mingle-mingle....(hah mingle-mingle).

After that take a short nap before went to PTAR with Amin to study a subject which we call CRG. I don't know who put its name as it is. Actually, last week I have promised with Sham to go to his practical log book, office la today after his PSA paper. Arrived at PTAR at about 10 o'clock, it is very warm at the PTAR, as warm as my heart....banyak la. So moved to 24 hours room, which colder and more comfortable there instead of PTAR.

Then at around 12.00 o'clock Japan time, went to Damansara, and arrived there around 1.00 o'clock in the evening, Korean time, but to find the office was really hectic but fun like a funfair. His practical office named as E.S Lim,a chartered accountant office which the route quite best like play play explorace.

Lastly we found what we are looking for, an office at the Jalan Tun Ahmad Fuad, actually before arrived there we are in the Lost World, so we call the owner of the "Jalan", Tun Ahmad Fuad. But there are no answer...just his wife answered the phone which sound like this "Nombor yang anda dail tiada dalam perkhidmatan.....terima kasih...tuuut".

Thanks God coz at last we found the office which situated at a double storey shop lot which numbered as 19B. Sham went to the office and say hello....pas tu cakap melayu...an Indian officer there understand what Sham bubbling about and show him, the accounting department. Where there we introduced to another two officers, Jack the ripper...haha. Mr Jack and Mr Apetah...(forgot of what is his name).

Then after a short discussion about allowance, working time, working environment and break time, we say Sayonara and then went to Ayamas for a lunch, actually my stomach still "mingle-mingle" but coz it is quite a long time not taking Ayamas as lunch so lets called it a lunch time.
This picture just for a decoration jek...

Sham once again bubbling, blup blup blup...."owh they cannot speak malay ar, aiyooo....", so I support him and said that "its ok at least u can improve ur English and will be good and not worst as mine. At least after six months, ur english will be like a graduate from University of Kentucky Fried Chicken. (University of Kentucky is a famous university in Kentucky, US but added with Fried Chicken, it is an university which produced graduate from chickens.....hahaha.)

So then like a Chicken Run in the Town and like a Frog in the well, we don't know how to get back which then made us to round-round KL until we met a signage written "Balik Shah Alam" which written in Tamil. At 3.45pm in the evening, Malaysian time, we arrived at a College named Mawar....and I suddenly sing the song "Kau Mawarkuuuu", and stop when Sham said please turn off the broken radio please and have a tea time at Dataran Cendekia before we got back to our own root means a place called "home".

P/S: Ada cam William Shakespeare bercerita tak....haha


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