Praktikal Best @ X Best?

Ada sesetengah memanggilnya praktikal, ada juga yang memanggilnya LI atau Latihan Industri.Persoalannya best atau tak?

Its back to whether we like what we do or not, it will be best if we like it and will be like in hell (bahasa kasarnya la) if we dislike it. Basic thing, when we do something, we must like it however it is, and then we live it means we do it always and then we will love IT spontaneously.

Thanx god, almost a month I'm here at UMW Pennzoil Distributor or UPD which also integrated with Lubetech. In short I can say although UPD @ Lubetech seems separated by its name but actually they are under one management, one building, one roof, one front gate, one Malaysia...hehe takde kaitan.

Pennzoil Racing Team

I'm really happy here although almost everyday I need to back home at  around 8.30pm to settle down my work given by my supervisor who face to face me everyday coz I sit in front of him everyday....haha. He is a graduate from UiTM also from Faculty of Accountancy during late 1990.

I also have my second supervisor, coz my first supervisor always buzy, and her name is Kak Ros (Sincerely I don't know her full name yet...hehe). She is here (UPD & Lubetech) for

almost 13 years...quite a long time kan. Surprisingly she is also an ex-UiTM, a DIA holder. She got no kid due to the late marriage but her style really like a mum with a soft heart. Easy to...ermmm. 

I also enjoying my practical training here coz every Wednesday and Friday every week will be Futsal Friendly Match between UMW staff...hehe best.Wednesday kene bayar, Friday company support. Accounting and Finance Manager also turun ke padang untuk main....haa ni la masa nak tackle dia kalau x pueh hati...hahaha

Plus enjoying doing practical here coz practical with three other trainees, two from Faculty Of Business UiTM, @Tasha (eh ingat Facebook tadi...haha) with Nurul, who will be graduate by this year bulan October kot. Another trainee is from Politeknik Shah Alam, Teva who also taking Business (Diploma Level). With them especially Nurul and Tasha, cam nak gelak guling2 jek...ada je lawak yg diaorang ni wat, aku yang tengah muka serius boleh tukar muka cam clown lak...haha.

So conclusionnya, practical tu best....if you dislike your job maybe you will dislike your career as well for whole of your life probably. So I think u are wiser than me to chose whether to like it or not kan....sekian.


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