Seemed he needs three years time for him to realized that its not for him. Wawawa.....its hard, why suddenly a black clouds came at the time when the rainbow start to show itself which at the same time, the sun starts to shining brighter. Although he knew what he wants but why it is too difficult the situation be, a stupid mistake give him thousands of difficulties even the opportunity seems will never come. 

Maybe now, as a fact much earlier he felt that it is the time for withdraw, for him withdraw does not mean lost, but it means how to say no to something. Sometimes when we keep saying yes to something, then we need to learned to say no for something.

It is very subjective like a football player dribbles the ball around the field without any goal. He don't know why suddenly the clock go anticlockwise and the word from yes become no, he knocked the door before and it never opened and now the time for others to knock the door. 

He don't know how to cleared all the things to arrived at the decorated door which maybe opened at the time when he already tired, at the time when there are no more decorations at the door but what exist is only the door with  "No Entry" sign.

He realized that when he took a way, he can't turn back and it is what we called life. Many ways but what is the most important is and each of us call it as My Way.


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