Fukushima (2011) Vs Chernobyl (1986)

When we heard about the Fukushima Nuclear explosion, almost of us think that will the explosion bring the same effect such as during the last Chernobyl Disaster in Ukrainian SSR (Now Ukraine) in the year of 1986 which it really bring a great effect to the population around the electricity generator.

It is a relieve when this time, many scientist and professionals said that the effects won't be as bad as Chernobyl....

Chernobyl NPP

Effects on the population due to the disaster

This baby was one of the victim

Big Leg???

The same thing went to this old man

A poor boy with the potential to become a community leader before the disaster
"Every good things come with bad things lie on it juz the God knew it before we as a human being know it"


Dashulya said…
Чернобыльская АЭС находится не в россии а на украине, карту посмотрите.
Ashraf Zabidi said…
К сожалению Dashulya, опечатка .... хе-хе

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