It's the time to say Goodbye

Time flew too fast, it is the time for me to go back to complete my bachelor which is not yet completed and it was really a pleasure to meet with colleagues and lecturers from Teesside University. I do not know when I will be able to visit this memorable place again. Whatever it is, I would like to convey my gratitude to the university which gave me this opportunity and sponsored all expenses during my time, University Technology MARA.
David Wall, Accounting For Management Decision Lecturer 
Dr Paul Smith, Leadership & Mentoring Lecturer

Alan Dodds, Advanced Auditing Lecturer 

With Suzy and Blessing
Without UiTM, I may not be able to visit my birthplace, Glasgow at this age. I also may not be able to visit a few European countries such as Spain, Italy, Czech Republic and Holland which for me were unforgettable moments and will be remembered forever. Thanks too to my brilliant, potential and extraordinary colleagues especially Megat, Nassa, Hadi, Farah, Mira, Armi, Adnan, Deney, Lidia, Yaya, Teekay, Maryam, Aaron, JF, Hassan (my laptop engineer...haha), Kak Da (Without her we may not be able to be there), Uzair, Blessing, Suzy, Elaine, Ah Wyn, and others (I'm bad in memorizing names).

"Every goodbye makes the next hello closer"

Till the next time =)


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