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SME Accountants Nowadays

In SME companies nowadays, the employers expect an accountant not only to cater all related accounting roles but also to look for financing, investment and new business ventures and opportunities. Accountants also need to understand about the operation, business developments and able to understand the technical terms used and able to predict market viability of new products.  The daily accounting roles need to be entrusted to the executives, the accountants need to  review the reports and internal controls of the company periodically whether every 3 days, weekly or monthly. It depends, more critical the function it means the accountant is required to review it more frequent unless the executive or subordinate is capable enough to handle the function.  There are several methods, tools, or theories can be used in assisting our function in business developments including SWOT Analysis, Ansoff Matrix and BCG Matrix.    SWOT Analysis   SWOT analysis can be used to evaluate